Welcome to our Team

We are comprised of a small team of dedicated and highly experienced technicians who can support all your digital requirements. From 1 VHS tape to 1000's of medium format slides and film, we can prepare all your corporate and consumer conversions into many different formats to suit your lifestyle or requirement.

Contact us on 01865 457000 for a competitive quotation or email cheryl@oxfordduplicationcentre.com

From audio tapes, vinyls, lps, voice o graphs, cassettes and micro cassettes to audio reel to reel and rare formats, we can support all your audio requirements.

Our video tape conversion department is perfect for all manner of family video tapes to digital formats or DVDs. We can prepare corporate broadcast tapes into pro-res files or transcode to many different formats.

Our CD duplication services are ideal for musicians and bands who require high quality low cost duplication. We are recommended in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas by Nightshift Music Magazine and 1000's of bands.

Our services are highly recommended in Oxfordshire, providing high quality precision scanning solutions for all your digital media requirements.

Orders can be turned around typically within 7-10 working days unless you have an urgent order, of which we will aim to prepare within your deadline.

You will receive either Pro-Res, MPEG4, WAV, MP3, TIFF, JPEG or PDF files dependant upon your media requirements. We offer resolutions from 150dpi upwards.


Cheryl Foulsham

Alison Martin

Leigh Taylor